Alfonso Ramos

About my process and workflow

September 24, 2021

To create a successful brand identity, it is vital to use a creative process. In fact, currently having control of each stage in the development of the image of a brand has become more relevant than the product itself, since design serves as a vehicle to publicize the values of the brand and what It represents.

As an independent brand designer, I work collaboratively with brand studios as an extension of their creative team committed to providing the highest quality products and services. With that in mind, here’s a hint on how I typically attack every new project.


I’ve developed a fine-tuned workflow that produces high-quality results, effectively and efficiently. What’s the secret? I listen carefully, and take time to fully understand every project needs before moving any pixel. Then, I apply the whole of my knowledge, expertise, and passion to help get your project where it needs to be.

Concept and plan. First phase of every project starts with a design brief, a detailed scope or a project overview. I will ask key questions about the project to fully understand your client goals and needs. Together we will define the best opportunities and go-to strategy.

Once I know exactly what your project need, I’ll propose a conceptual approach as mood boards and outline the practical steps we need to take to get the project started. Connecting the dots between your client goals and the concept gives us a solid idea what the end product will look like and how it will meet their needs.

Design. In this phase, you’ll see the project taking shape. I’ll use simple images and typography to design engaging visuals and brand experiences. From logo design to completely brand identities or infographics, my job is to look for emotional and functional solutions while focusing on your brand’s strategic goals.

I will send design directions as a presentation considering the project assets as fonts, colors, elements and mockups to create context of the brand existing in their current environment. After feedback, the direction will be refined until approval.

Delivery. Once the project is approved for production, working files will be packaged and delivered via Dropbox for easy implementation. Sketches, prototypes and rough concepts also can be shared upon request.


Once I started to work in a design project, I’m available from 8AM to 5PM CT Monday to Friday. I like to have a real-time communication channel and typically offer daily updates through 1) email, 2) Skype / Slack chat or 3) Zoom / Phone conference.

The timeframe depends on the scope of every project, but typically for Logo design is 1-2 weeks, brand Identity Design 3-4 weeks, and web design projects starts in 3 weeks. Working files are always available and shared via Dropbox and I could be integrated in any project manager system as Asana or Trello if needed.

Let’s Connect

If you’re looking for some extra hands on deck for any overflow design project you have coming up, and my process and workflow aligns with your agency mojo, let’s hop on a quick call to discuss any opportunity of collaboration between us. I’d be happy to connect and assist you as an auxiliary creative problem solver!

Services: Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Visual Language, Logo Systems, Symbols / Iconography, Brand Books, Brand Touch-points, Print Design, Collateral Material, Art Direction, Visual Moodboards, Environmental Design, Editorial Design, Digital Design, User Interface and WordPress-based websites.